Web & App development
for Flex fitness

App to track and plan your daily nutrition, workouts, runs and integrates it all with social media so you can stay motivated and chase your fitness goals with your friends.
Flex fitness
Web designing & development / App designing & development
ACCESS THE BEST FITNESS SERVICES. Find personal trainers, gyms, group sessions, sports centres and more! Access programs and providers to meet your fitness needs, make new friends and get motivated!
All of the best fitness programs & coaches! an app to get even better results, motivate your friends, and keep track of your goals.

App Screens
On Mobile

Activity tracker.

Track all your exercise and activities and get analysis of your records.

Diet planning.

Prepare meal plan for your day of select from recommended once to keep your diets balanced.

Events and store.

Bringing various fitness events for your guidance and store to provide you best fitness products.

Supporting local business

App that keeps you fit and healthy..

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