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Tech lovers first choice and need of future revolution

Technomania is today's word and iOS applications are its essentials. Techies are always enthusiastic to experience the latest innovation in this industry we being the quality producers of iOS takes the responsibility to bring your idea in front of these maniacs. These applications maximize your reach to the targeted audience and act as a bridge between you and your customer.


Widely used system and most popular among all handheld devices

If you are looking for a product in Android, then Qualwebs has the solution to it. Android being most commonly used application platform has the biggest scope and largest target audience. If you have any raw idea then we are ready to engineer it with the most suited app features fulfilling all your requirements.


Call of the generation to match with device

With the growing use of mobile phones, the necessity of website being flexible with screen size has given the emergence of responsive design and being the tech geeks, qualwebs mastered in it very quickly. If the demand is to serve indistinguishably on all screen size following proper layout and best in class design, qualwebs is the final destination.

PHP Development

Develop custom PHP solutions for every domain

We offer customized PHP solutions by using advanced version of PHP that consists of high level programming and techniques. Our sincere efforts result in creative, effective and agile applications that always make a real difference. We develop numerous ecommerce websites, social networking websites, CRM, CMS, web calendars, accounting software and payment gateways. Our solutions can be ideally used as efficient management tools.
Some of popular frameworks and CMS we have worked with : Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, etc

Ruby on rails

Elegant and Powerful framework for scalable programs

Ruby on Rails is a power framework based on Ruby , it is a high level language. Along with better security features, it is popular for its dynamic type system and automatic memory management. We have a complete range of experts to assist you with the Agile development on this platform.


An Ideal Choice For a Dynamic Website

HTML5 has led to a whole new era of web applications. Its core functionality provides ability to store web applications locally in application cache, making it very easy for users to access the application. Geo-location and high level location based web applications uses HTML5 API functionality. Easy to incorporate in a web portal to geo location targeted audience.


Cheap, effective solution and a blessing for non-technicals.

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS designed to provide most economic solution with flexibility to make amendment without any specific knowledge of coding qualities like multilingual, media & user management, making it one of the efficient option among different CMS. It is commonly used in blog applications with its large community and available plugins to enhance its features to various domains.


Advanced CMS capable to handle huge traffic.

Wide range of successful companies relies on Drupal Content Management System. It is a scalable platform having capabilities to handle huge amount of traffic. Qualwebs experience helps to develop Drupal based websites that will help to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk. We work closely to plan, prepare and coordinate results.


MVC framework based CMS specialized in social networking websites.

Able to create complex websites with little investment of efforts in understanding its structure and terminology, various aspects makes Joomla a popular CMS including its ease of use, extensibility, scalability etc. Based on MVC framework and having huge library of extensions, it is usually used to develop ecommerce and social networking websites.

Open cart

Providing neat, clean and easy administration control.

Opencart is a light-weight ECommerce solution following MVC model. It provides great administration control with large number of available plugins. With multistore functionality it offers nearly all the features in Magento at a cheaper rate.


First choice of merchants to manage multiple stores from a single place.

Magento is a master when it comes to developing E-Commerce web-stores. It has plenty of in-built functions and the major characteristics which makes it best fit are expandability, scalability and flexibility. We at Qualwebs makes sure that your eCommerce store provides you greater returns on your investments.

Cloud Computing Development

Global accessibility is made easy using cloud services

The most reliable approach at a flexible cost, cloud computing allows you to serve through its various services which includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). It allows cost reduction, better collaboration and manageability, where IaaS refers to servers, storage etc., PaaS refers to database, development tools etc and SaaS refers to CRM, communication etc.


Reliable, scalable and secure services with well architected structure.

Cloud computing services provided by AWS are scalable, low cost and highly reliable. The cost effective solution allows users to pay only till the time being used along with highly secure infrastructure that makes it more popular compared to its competitors. Qualwebs always offers and suggest the best service to be opted as per requirements and this is one of them.

Social Media

Easiest way to share on multiple social platforms.

Spreading the word has a very seamless passage now which goes through social media and integrating the social platform APIs allows user to genuinely spread their opinions on your brand across the globe. It is a common practice to integrate social media in websites as well as applications which is a piece of cake for experienced as Qualwebs.

Payment gateways

Allowing easy transactions in quick steps.

The increased banking features allowed users to carry their transactions through World Wide Web which in turn resulted in development of various payment gateways that allows effortless transactions among various currencies. The integration of these APIs are needed in eCommerce stores and other ones which needs any form of transaction. Qualwebs mastered in these API integrations whether popular ones or regional.


Track, manage and send newsletters with easy clicks.

Cheapest email marketing solution which uses AWS service. It is a standalone software having all the basic features including autoresponder at a very low cost. It is easy to manage huge marketing campaigns with great reporting system. Qualwebs suggest Sendy when there is a need of vast newsletter management with a fraction of price.


Manage sales, support and marketing with PHP based open source CRM.

VTiger is an easily customizable software built on LAMP stack. It is an open source CRM which is easy to use and provide enterprise quality enhancement utilities and helps in automating sales, support through its powerful collaboration and organization tool. It is a popular CRM.


Mobile friendly CRM that helps to promote and enhance collaboration.

Salesforce is a popular CRM which helps in managing and tracking clients, competitors etc. thereby saving your time as well as resource. It helps in organizing company record, delivers reliable data security and protection at a lower cost. Along with these, it also manages end to end customer relationship and can be integrated with Magento like other technologies .


Keep users bound with your real time notifications.

Pusher API can be integrated in any system from web to mobile which provides real time notifications to be send at the desired device with just few clicks. It allows your message to trigger in all the device connected with your application. This is a popular trend now a days to keep connected with the desired audience and we make sure of it.


Send and receive payments to/from anywhere, anytime.

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateway spread across the globe and used in almost all the countries. It allows ease of payments from anywhere with a smooth flow of transaction among multiple currencies. Its features like invoicing, fund transfer/receive makes it the largest Internet payment companies.


Best in class email marketing solution.

Create, manage and deliver easily with the most popular email marketing solution. It is the call of time to keep in touch with the previous as well as new clients so as to keep them engaged with our brand. Newsletters and email marketing is the best solution of it provided by mailchimp, and Qualwebs is available to integrate it with your system.


Allows cross-platform notifications to popup in your mobile device.

In this fast running world, the scenario has changed and we need to reserve our client from being stolen by our competitors through keep updating them with the new we bring to market. FCM allows you to keep pitching through their cross platform messaging solution at no cost. If there is any application, it needs messaging solution on which Qualwebs team hold strong hands.


Laying down your vision in the roadmap to its reality

Photoshop is a graphics-editing program used to create and manipulate images. It is used in fields for web designing, animation etc. to preview the way we are planning to create the web as well ease the work of HTML through it. Qualwebs make sure that the designed images are pixel perfect and properly laid to assist further process.


Resizing become easy without loosing resolution as well as clarity

Illustrator being a vector graphic designing tool is mostly used for creating and editing vector based illustrations such as logos, cartoons, charts and brand marks or other design elements which are scalable so can be resized as small or as large we need, still maintaining their resolution as well as clarity. We often make use of it for relevant purposes.

After effects

Nothing says it better than an explainer video

AE is digital motion software which is used for visual effects, motion graphics and in the origination of both 2.5D and 2D animation. It integrates well with PhotoShop and features like light fall off, responsive 3D controls etc. make it best fit for using it in relevant purposes.


Improve your ranking with both the modes, off-page as well as on-page.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing your rank in the popular search engines. It can be done in many ways with different techniques and broadly can be said as on-page SEO or off-page SEO. Our dedicated team make every efforts through both the techniques to bring the results reflect faster bringing your brand's rank at the top.


Economic way to advertise your brand on media platforms.

Social media optimization is the easiest way to spread the brand name because of their popularity among people. It involves postings on social media to generate publicity and increase brand awareness. It also helps in strengthening brand's visibility and we at Qualwebs places our best attempts to spread the brand name on every mouth.

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