9ammem is a marketplace developed to provide an aid for designers as well as employers to search each other, share the work, get the work done and pay for it. Broadly it is divided into 3 sectors which includes : Projects | Contest | Jobs where every individual can act as either profile (i.e. both employer as well as designer). The various other features integrated in it includes bidding mechanism, message system, dispute resolution center, escrow system, commission system, invoicing method, multi-currency support, direct bank integration etc.

It is developed using AngularJS as front end scripting language, MySQL as back-end and PHP Framework CodeIgniter as language.

Shawarma Fusion

Shawarma fusion is a restaurant website and a pleasure to eyes. It is designed aesthetically to define the idea and the concept of their restaurant. The menu display is done beautifully along with a brief detailing of their work as well as work station. It is a responsive website.

It is designed using HTML5 and CSS3.


Makeapp is a service provider system which has user types defined as salon service provider and customer. With personalize dashboard, service provider can enter details about their service, availability, pricing etc. which are easily available for customer to browse. Customer can search for them, book their service from their package and pay for it. Service provider also has option to enter their manual booking for proper time slot management. It is a multilingual and multi-platform system.

It is developed using AngularJS as frontend, MySQL as backend and CodeIgniter as programming language for web | JAVA is used for Android version whereas iOS is developed using SWIFT. Firebase is used for notification management.

The Book Of The World

Book of the world is a unique idea to pen down an online book with the amalgamation of various authors, writers and poets from across the globe. It is a book which is started by the website owners with an interactive approach where invited users get a chance to submit their entries and weekly winners are announced. A user can also write their personal book which can also be submitted to the world library. There are various features which includes audio player, various design templates to select and design your book, voting system to pick winner etc.

It is developed using Laravel framework of PHP.


Forhyre is a marketplace with an enhanced concept from Freelancer. It involves 3 types of users viz. Employer | Project Manager | Consultant where Employer will post projects which are received and accepted by Project Manager who is a member of forhyre team. He will take the responsibility of project thereby analyzing and breaking down it into sub-projects and further sub-tasks. Finally the consultant will place their offers on sub-projects, visualizing Project Manager as employer. The projects, associated payment etc. is therefore reserved by forhyre.

It is developed using AngularJS as front end scripting language, MySQL as back-end and PHP Framework CodeIgniter as language. (edited)

EA Detailer

EADetailer+ is a car wash servicing application which allows user to enter their car details and make a request for servicing with the nearest service provider. It has payment gateways integrated in it for flexible transaction along with Google maps API to locate the adjacent service provider.

It is developed for Android and iOS using Phonegap with Stripe payment gateway


Elanium is a bathware brand which provides flooring and other related services. It also integrates tools which will assist you to analyze the right choice for your bathroom. The texture tool helps you to check different tiles and visualize the layout of bathroom whereas the calculation tool helps you to plan your bathroom design, flooring, accessories etc. along with the cost estimate. It is a multilingual website.

It is developed using WordPress CMS (edited)


Harley application can be said as a feedback as well as survey application which allows users to enter their genuine feedback on the services received from the clinic. The service sectors can be classified on the basis of branch, doctor, staff and technician as well as overall experience. They can also add any suggestions or complaints or appreciation. Its easy to manage backend allows to manage these feedback and track the analytics for every individual. The questions can also be managed from here.

It is developed for Android as well as iOS using JAVA and SWIFT respectively along with Realm DB.

"The idea of waiting for something makes it more fascinating”.
– Andy Warhol